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How to repair a drywall nail pop

Check out the video on how to repair drywall nail pops. Links to tools and materials used listed below.

Nail pops are a common occurrence in todays homeowner experience. Where I am from in the Midwest most often nail pops are actually screw pops. Nail pops can occur for a variety of reasons but the most common that we will focus on is due to drying out or settlement. Sheets of drywall are made up of a core of gypsum wrapped with a backing and a face of paper. A properly installed screw will barely penetrate the paper face of drywall, essentially creating a dimple. The dimple is filled with joint compound for multiple coats followed by sanding and paint.

The cause of a settlement or drying out nail pop occurs when the wood framing member behind the drywall shrinks or moves. When the framing member moves, the screw will break through the paper too far causing it to pop. Once the screw is through the paper too far, this particular screw should not be repaired again. You could place joint compound over the screw and paint it but if you were to push on the drywall at the pop, it would pop through again.

The solution for repair is to place a new screw directly above or below the popped screw and follow the steps outlined in the first paragraph above. One additional step is needed for a screw pop, either remove the popped screw completely or pull the popped screw in a little further. Thats all it takes! I hope this helps, if you have any questions at all please feel free to comment.

Check out our other video on how to patch holes in drywall-Drywall Nail Pops in Texture Ceiling.

Here are the tools I used to repair drywall nail pop in this video

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Cordless Drill

1-1/4 Drywall Wood Screws

Easy Sand 20 Minute Quick Set

14 Stainless Steel Mud Pan

6 Drywall Knife

Drywall Sanding Sponge

Mini Paint Roller

Heat Gun