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My drywall was wet due to a water leak, does it need to be removed?

Not necessarily. Drywall has been proven to become stronger if it gets wet and dries back out. Drywall that becomes wet from a clean water leak that is found quickly may not have to be removed. If a water leak has been undiscovered for a long period of time it is more likely that it will need to be removed.

Is all mold toxic?

All mold is not toxic. There are approximately 20 known types of toxic mold. If mold is found inside a dwelling, no matter the type, it should be removed by a qualified remediation company.

I found mold in my home, do I need to move out?

Depending on the amount of the intrusion it is usually not necessary to move from a residence. A large affected area may require a temporary relocation until all mold is safely removed.

I see drywall screws bulging from my walls, is my drywall falling down?

Nail pops are a common occurrence, especially on new homes. Many times nail pops appear as a result of lumber drying out. As the lumber behind the drywall dries out it shrinks or gets smaller and as a result pulls away from the drywall causing a nail pop.